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Manager, Hardware Engineering

Lafayette, Indiana   |   Full Time

Engineering Innovation, Inc. (EII) based in Lafayette, IN is a premier provider of postal and parcel automation. EII is a small dynamic company looking for a highly motivated individual to manage it’s engineering team. The engineering team is responsible for the design, construction, testing, maintenance, and documentation of world-class parcel and postal automation equipment as well as assisting in defining the overall product direction.

EII Managers are problem solvers and must keep the customer in mind for every decision and action. The manager will guide the team to strive for excellence in all efforts for the benefit of the customer and to strengthen EII. The manager will foster communication to get the best results from team problem solving. The manager will allocate resources according to EII determined priorities, which will balance the customer’s needs with the long-term goals for EII. The manager will empower and develop employees to the benefit of each employee, EII, and EII customers.

This position leads a team consisting of mechanical and electrical specialties with varied skill levels including students, engineers, senior engineers and lab technicians. Confidence, independent action, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them are key to the success of anyone in this position. A well-suited candidate can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them. As there is a great deal of challenge and pressure, people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination.

While the primary focus is managing the team, it is anticipated that this position will be a mix of managing and engineering.  Therefore, a background in mechanical or electrical engineering is required. 

  • Responsibilities
    • Assigning tasks to maximize efficiency and productivity
    • Setting and achieving standards for self and for others
    • Coordinating new team tool implementation
    • Team resource allocation (people and hard/soft tools) according to priorities set by EII Management Team
    • Decide best courses of action based on information from engineers with the purpose of bringing together all available expertise and best solutions
    • Approve spending to optimize progress and minimize waste
    • Make it easier for subordinates to get work done (with few tradeoffs) by offering the support, direction, tools necessary to empower the best efforts of individuals and the team
    • Interface with project managers on project task allocation to maximize resources and make deadlines
    • Review employees and provide feedback continually and documenting quarterly so that employees can use feedback to improve and track progress.
    • Promote continual improvement program within the team to create an atmosphere of striving for excellence.
    • Assigning mentor to give support, feedback and development ideas to individuals.
    • Participate in company continual improvement program to promote overall excellence through the entire EII organization.
    • Researching new tools and methods in order to optimize productivity and excellence.
    • Ensure that all processes in the team are documented and the documentation is current so that all team members have access to correct procedures and policies.
    • Provide opportunities for team member growth through training and follow through with goal setting and review to achieve the highest level as a team and as individuals.
    • Coordinate training team members in other departments to educate the entire company in ways that develop understanding and teamwork.
    • Encourage team interaction through team building to foster a feeling of inclusion and common effort.
    • Delegate routine detail work and follow up closely and critically for standards and schedule
    • Setting and evaluating team goals for a common vision and direction.
    • Enforce company policy (process) so that all team members are working in a coordinated, efficient manner as a team.
    • Manage day-to-day operations to keep things running smoothly and all things moving toward the goals and visions set by the department and EII.
    • Hiring/firing according to the best interests of EII’s customers

  • Degree preferred:
    • Mechanical Engineering (Technology)
    • Industrial Engineering (Technology)
    • Electrical Engineering (Technology)

  • Skills needed
    • Faster-than-average pace; ability to learn quickly, thoroughly, and in detail, must recognize and adjust to change because of the considerable variety in the work
    • Strategic, big picture thinking with added focus on the tactical aspects of the work.
    • Seeks and accepts decision authority & responsibility.
    • End customer minded because good choices for the customer align with good choices for EII in the near and long term.
    • Proactive in avoiding issues and staying ahead of the curve.
    • Empowering others to bring out the best in individuals and the team
    • Decisiveness to keep forward momentum.
    • Communication for clarity in all efforts.
    • Conflict resolution to quickly overcome issues and keep everyone working together effectively.
    • Logical analysis to make the best technical and management decisions for long- and short-term goals.
    • Willingness to hear out ideas and be open to new and different approaches that may work to the good of all.
    • Negotiation and compromise in order to maximize good decisions and keep everyone on the same page and moving toward the same goals.
    • Time management to keep the team firing on all cylinders.
    • Organization to maximize efficiency and all priorities on the radar.
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks by using good time management and strong organizational skills.
    • Goal oriented with interest in striving for excellence and achievement for the team

  • Experience in the following is a plus
    • SolidWorks
    • Technical Documentation processes
    • Safety standard e.g. CE, OSHA, NEC, etc. 

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